A dripping dagger ascends from the gate
An open orifice
Screaming out a birds song
Of fragility and life
And resilience.
Reminding me,
But I’m never sure
Sometimes I feel too invincible
Finding myself atop a cliff’s edge
Gazing at the crashing water below
Wondering what my eyes would see on the way down,
Wondering what my lungs would breathe underneath
Adrenaline, experimenting
With passing cars and massive drops
To wake me up
To make me feel real again
When love is lost on myself,
And the world is gray.


Sage In The Wind

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Alhamdulillah Allah Jehovah
Yahweh Dios Ma’at Jah
Rastafari, Aniyunwiya
Na e saeva, na e vila
Na e brv ib qida
Ev os brv ib vila

My healer lives in my blood
In the rivers of indigo flow
Sinking into the earth, becoming all
Spreading to every corner,
My healer sets sage to the wind
Beginning again and again
But never dying
The blood never dies,
Nor do the stars or sky
Which knows the history
It’s seen the slaves and genocide
Watched the rivers, and guided them
Its my healer that will never die,
My healer knows the truth from lies,
It can find the music that breathes
The songs of my people,
The songs of my blood.
My healer sets sage to the wind,
Standing proudly among the rivers glowing blue,
And willing to fight til the end.
It’s the rivers that will see the end,
It’s the rivers that know the end.
We have the blood of the magic.

The Sky Fell Into My Eye

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The sky fell into my eye.
What cherishing lies became not so familiar,
Beginning in my mind, I felt it pass on and divide
Perfect molecular, transparent soul
I walk through the forest with crystals in my pocket
Prisms in my eyes.
Devotion came boldly from the sky,
It opened doors to me
Taught me to leave behind classification for quantum design
For what silently pounds in my mind pounds in my eye.
Perfect molecular, transparent stone
Showing me the nature of nature
The human in human and the soul bound on this ride
It’s all fragments of a larger mind, holographic space
We may never know but we can always touch it
With fingertips and clouds of smoke.
But nothing lasts forever,
So I wait to fall into the sky.


If I’d searched any longer, I would have only waited longer
For an unattainable pursuit, a way out
Of this hell of loneliness, rotting away
People die in honorable ways, so why can’t I?
With my hands together, and a heavy cry.
The rains would fall upon the cracked earth
Seeds fall to form crop circles in my footsteps,
Would love become a tale or would trees
Still weep, continuing what they are.
Immortal words paint a vision into the flames
And will prevail or perish in my cause;
To be loved may be just as aliens to earth as it is to me
I wasn’t meant for love, and love wasn’t meant for me.
But still, I will watch,
Happy for the world.
Because such a gift should be acclaimed,
Even if that gift is for someone else.
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The Impressionable Abyss


Past, present, and future
Blossoms from one root, each branch growing
Into the other, intertwining.
What we do now echoes in the future
Likewise every decision we make
And every chance we dare to take
So shall we enter the unknown? With our ready aim?
Into the impressionable abyss
Where what is done today
Will drive the course of time, and manifest.
The greatest way to predict the future
Is not to gaze into balls of glass
Or to ponder a deck of cards
But to create it by the act of choice
And understand
What all of that means
Because forgery of fate isn’t a choice
Nor of no weight
Within a world of pure speculation
One forgets what makes them alive
And too, forgets what for they strive
But what will happen when autumn comes
What nature dispenses by hands of a clock
Unwind the worries concealed for ages
And if a tear that speaks of regret of lack
Of happier times appears, it shall dry
And the sorrowful face will wait
The call of early spring, and the brighter days
Poor in my youth, and in life’s recent years,
I speak to be destined acquired wealth,
Likewise positive circumstances and happy scenes
Where the day doesn’t rot, and the hunting has long ceased.
And figs don’t shine as they once did.
As well I wish to see myself
A painter of words, without much but happiness
I should have a story to tell. Be it my
Fortune. Be the experience my essence.
Now, If i were to fail my very own design.
I would have not only lost my own life,
The days would never cease to rot, and the hunting
Would persist until the clock decides to stop.
Oars cannot alone prevail the time
And humankind cannot control time,
I believe in fate, not as a
far force, but power we all possess.

-Daniel J.G.


Darkness bears a light of wisdom
Across the darkened pavement,
A path which lay between
the unknown depths of the earth below
and the vastness above.
Soft rustling trees, calm.
Intuition sings to the ears of the pedestrian;
one does discover the power of fate
within the mind of the one when the sky is darkened,
individually, and is connected to the entirety,
the whole mind, thoughts which live within the soul of the world.
Augury in the stars tells of a saga written by the understanding.
Fate is a malleable tool.
To lay the stones of your path
with the power of such forces
is the most powerful form of magic.

-Daniel J.G.