Sage In The Wind

giphy (3)
Alhamdulillah Allah Jehovah
Yahweh Dios Ma’at Jah
Rastafari, Aniyunwiya
Na e saeva, na e vila
Na e brv ib qida
Ev os brv ib vila

My healer lives in my blood
In the rivers of indigo flow
Sinking into the earth, becoming all
Spreading to every corner,
My healer sets sage to the wind
Beginning again and again
But never dying
The blood never dies,
Nor do the stars or sky
Which knows the history
It’s seen the slaves and genocide
Watched the rivers, and guided them
Its my healer that will never die,
My healer knows the truth from lies,
It can find the music that breathes
The songs of my people,
The songs of my blood.
My healer sets sage to the wind,
Standing proudly among the rivers glowing blue,
And willing to fight til the end.
It’s the rivers that will see the end,
It’s the rivers that know the end.
We have the blood of the magic.


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